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Hello Everyone,

If you are probably reading this, it means that you have either broken up, or have been forced into a breakup. Or worse you are still in an unhappy relationship. Maybe it is none of the above and you are going through just a rough patch in your life. Maybe lost your relative or family, lost a job, addicted to drugs etc.

This blog after reading for a while might feel like, it is aimed at people who are going through or have gone through a heart breaking situation with a partner. A partner who once they perceived to be their soul mate or “The One”.

But this blog is not only about a breakup, when life is much more about a partner and men and women. This blog is about facing tough situations in our life instead of giving up, going through them, learning from them and coming out from them as a stronger and better individual.

If you are new to this blog then you must start reading from the first post

I broke up and I feel like I am dead

Until the latest post, like a book or journal. Because this blog is not a story nor a telenovela nor a counselling space. Which just gives advises and tells everyone that everything will be fine and life will only get better and beautiful if you do the “following things”.

I also like to share things about my travels or about my workout routines and write a diary about it. There is also a specific page for sharing stories from other people or me taking interviews of people going through breakup or people who are part of unhappy relationships. You can find them in the following pages:

  1. Everything – This page is the diary. It has everything I have ever posted and thus you can start from the beginning and scroll up or down and go to the next one. The other pages have just divided the posts into specific categories in case you are in only interested in specific things.
  2. Relationship and Love
  3. Lost Frequency
  4. Share Your Story
  5. Workout Logs (Starting Sep 1 2018)

This blog is about me and my life, how I am tackling things in my life on my own after my depression of losing a loved one. And how I am only going to get stronger and better and one day, life will be too good to be true. Maybe you get inspired, maybe you will get motivated and you will join me in this journey.

Maybe you will just get bored and tired and give up and just continue this journey on your own (which I recommend, to be honest). Or at worst you will just continue to live your pathetic life because of someone who never wanted to be with you and only made you unhappy. All I am saying is, it is in our hands how we create and shape up our future.

Future is unpredictable but think of it as an exciting thing. Don’t think of it as a frightening prospect and running away from it. Work for it. If you think after a certain catastrophic situation, that it is game over and your life story has come to an end and it is time to give up then you are absolutely wrong!! Because

It is just an Intermission. The Film isn’t over yet