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My Breakup – For the Greater Good (Part 1)

After I broke up, it tore me apart. I felt like I lost everything. And I am not talking only about losing contact with a person whom I loved unconditionally and without expectations. I lost my dignity, self-respect, my peace, mental strength. I cried for weeks. And even after the official final separation and my final decision to give up, I cried more. It pushed me into therapy. My mind was filled with thoughts like “How could I waste so much of my emotions, time, energy, feelings and even money (the least important for me) on someone who never truly understood me and never truly loved me”. I thought the relationship was a big mistake and that I was so stupid to ever think that it will work after I put everything from my side to make it work. Relationship should be supported from both side. And I was seeing what was happening but still tried to support it singlehandedly and ignored and forgave her again and again. “How can someone do this and think this way and leave me when I am down when she was everything for me and I did everything”. Or so I thought.

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