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My Breakup Song

This blog was started by me when my breakup happened. The whole scenario, even though not in detail was part of my first blog post.

I Broke Up and I Feel Like I Am Dead

Time has been quite slow for me, but still it has been 6 months and counting and I still feel like I am living in a dream. But the good news is I am getting better and so will you because time is a beautiful witch. It gives, and it takes something at the same time.

As a tribute to my life story and the past one year, I have written a breakup song. This song is just a very short summary of what happened in the last one year. The title is “The Wanton Wind”. Since every writer or poet has a pen name, I have decided to adopt mine as Mark Nauru. Why this particular name. It is a secret. Maybe you can guess. Or maybe I will tell you one day. Here is how the poem goes.

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50 day Challenge (Introvert Edition) – 2 Week update

As you might recall, I had started a 50-day introvert edition challenge for myself. The aim was to take up 4 different sets of challenges.

50 Day Challenge Introvert Edition

The challenges were the following along with my choices:

  • Take up something which I used to do but stopped doing: Reading a Novel
  • Take up a hobby which you hate: Running
  • Take up a hobby which is useful professionally: Learning German
  • Take up a hobby which you never did or started but never actually got into: Learning Guitar

This blog post is my first update after I took up this challenge. Basically, the challenge started on 14th of August and I will talk about my progress in each section, my recommendations (what worked, what did not) along with my overall rating at the end.

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A Ruthless Companion – Interview 1

This is the first interview I am going to do on this blog. This interview was given to me by one of my close friends living in Kassel city, Germany. He has told me to keep his name anonymous but I am pretty sure that somewhere in future in Lost Frequency Editions, you will come to know who he is. Anyway doesn’t matter how he looks but we need to focus on what he went through. Since he is one of the closest to me, and he went through a breakup as well just two months after me, I decided to take his interview first. Here is the background story :

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Luxemburg – Lost Frequency Edition

It was my birthday before few weeks and I had the pleasure of visiting a city which was quite close to me (in terms of distance but still no city can beat Porto in terms of heart. Not yet). Luxembourg. I was quite reluctant to travel during my birthday. Because the last few years I have travelled every time my birthday was approaching to celebrate it outside of Germany. 2014 I was in Prague. 2015 July I was doing a solo trip which lasted for almost 4 months. 2016 I was in Warsaw. 2017 I was in Prague again since it was a spontaneous plan and I was again quite reluctant to leave Germany to celebrate. But Deja-vu and this year again despite my reluctance, my friend wanted me to leave Germany and celebrate it outside. Why? Because being in your city, you can just go out eat and party in a club you have been to many times. Not to mention the racism in Germany where colored men are sometimes not allowed to enter clubs unless if they are with women. So, he wanted to leave and travel so that the birthday is more interesting than being in Frankfurt and celebrating it. One day!! I will stay and celebrate it. I promise, my beautiful Frankfurt.

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Would you be satisfied with a Lamborghini without Engine?

When I talk to people about what they would like to have in their life, the most of them might say, that they want to be rich, that they want to own a super-car like Lamborghini in their life. Something which they can show to others and live a rich lifestyle, and drive it around and be happy. Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche or something similar and but doesn’t matter exactly which one they would like to own. But if I ask them or let’s say if I even ask you whether the super car you own, is without an engine, would you be happy and satisfied with it?

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50 day challenge (Introvert Edition)

Well, my life before few months was perfect. Lots of things happening, good things, physically mentally and professionally. And if you might have read my recent posts, you might have understood that I have reached the self-destructive mode. What is a self-destructive mode? In life this is the phase, when you are quite often bored. Your life has become monotonous. The same repetitive cycle of just working/studying, watching something on TV/Internet and sleeping. When I say self-destructive mode, I mean, you have no motivation, no ambition, no schedule nor plans. You have given up everything to time and just going along with the flow. Some might say that maybe it is better to just let things figure out themselves. But I disagree. If I had done things this way, I would have been still living in my home country in poverty (or maybe not) with a mediocre job and life.

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The Enemy Within

It’s been six months exactly since I broke up. I have already written about how it affected me mentally and all the pain and suffering I “had” to go through. I used the word “had” but honestly the suffering has not yet finished. And now at the end of the six months, the person I am, has become much worse than how I was. But should my ex be blamed for this? Or the enemy is and was always within?

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