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Luxemburg – Lost Frequency Edition

It was my birthday before few weeks and I had the pleasure of visiting a city which was quite close to me (in terms of distance but still no city can beat Porto in terms of heart. Not yet). Luxembourg. I was quite reluctant to travel during my birthday. Because the last few years I have travelled every time my birthday was approaching to celebrate it outside of Germany. 2014 I was in Prague. 2015 July I was doing a solo trip which lasted for almost 4 months. 2016 I was in Warsaw. 2017 I was in Prague again since it was a spontaneous plan and I was again quite reluctant to leave Germany to celebrate. But Deja-vu and this year again despite my reluctance, my friend wanted me to leave Germany and celebrate it outside. Why? Because being in your city, you can just go out eat and party in a club you have been to many times. Not to mention the racism in Germany where colored men are sometimes not allowed to enter clubs unless if they are with women. So, he wanted to leave and travel so that the birthday is more interesting than being in Frankfurt and celebrating it. One day!! I will stay and celebrate it. I promise, my beautiful Frankfurt.

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