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Workout Log Sep 3 2018


Honestly when I got up today I was like “Today there is no way I can workout”. My body was aching. It was feeling the pain after two days of workout. Those sit-ups, lunges, planks, push-ups and few other exercises recommended to me by one of the dozen apps I am using, has teared up my body. I thought maybe it is time to rest today.

But then I decided against it. I knew that it is either this, or binge eating again maybe followed with fappening. I know one thing for sure. Even a little bit of workout keeps you away from jerking off and feeling like a loser. So, against my body’s will I got up and went to work thinking that I will workout today when I am back. Had a light breakfast consisting of one loaf of bread and some cooked spinach from last night.

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Stuck in a Maze

The second interview of this blog series. This interview was quite emotional. She is one of my best friends and the only person who pretty much knows everything happening in my life. In fact, I have shared more with her than anybody in the last 6 months. I met her via an online learning app. She taught me her language and I taught her English. She improved her English and my proficiency in her language is still bad. Sucks. Anyway, we were no that close before. But with time the respect and affection grew between us. We consider each other like family and I think she is like a young sister I never had. I am happy she is part of my life and I hope our brother-sister relationship will stay for as long as I breathe. So, here is what happened.

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Workout Log Sep 2 2018

Today was day 2 of my workout.

I am posting a bit late considering today is Sep 3, but I was busy redesigning my website so that I have a separate page for workout logs.

I won’t go much in detail considering I don’t want to fill too much stuff in my post. But it was amazing that I was determined enough to continue.

I didn’t do a lot of sit ups and push-ups and lunges but today I did a lot of stuff for my stomach and my legs and butt. I used the same apps again which I used for day 1.

Overall I did the following :

  1. Full body workout using the App 7
  2. Apple butt workout using the App 7
  3. Day 2 Workouts from the app “Six Pacs in 30 days” consisting of some really good exercises like Russian Twist, Reverse crunches, Butt bridge etc.

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