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My Dream Partner

I was talking to my parents yesterday and they started telling me that in few years in need to get married. My parents actually want me to marry soon. But I am not interested. Actually, right now women don’t attract me. At least not sexually. Ironic considering, I still watch porn sometimes. I feel gay even though I am pretty sure I am straight as a rod. I blamed breakup for many things. My weight gain, my depression and making me lifeless. But I would agree that the one thing this breakup has left me with, is feel uninterested in women. It is not even a choice. But it is like an order, my body has taken from this experience, to not look at women or admire their beauty or get attracted to them.

Which brings me to my blog post, what kind of women attract me or used to attract me in this case. I never had an ideal partner in my mind. But now I want to put together an imaginary woman who I would love to be with based on what I think and feel I like and is necessary for me. Let’s see how it turns out. These are the qualities I think is important in a relationship for me with no specific order.

Let’s start with

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Workout log Sep 8

I created this draft yesterday when I was on the train, going to watch the movie “THE NUN”. I love horror movies. But before that I wanted to create a draft about my workout today. I will keep it short since I don’t have much time.


Yesterday I had again a brunch. Rice but not much with lots of vegetables cooked together in a pan. I also had some pineapple. Since it was the weekend I decided to cook myself and something healthy. They looked something like this :


I didn’t workout a lot yesterday. I didn’t run because I had to get ready to go to the bar and then watch the movie later at night. But still I worked out enough. And even little efforts everyday matters. Only need to make sure that consistency is maintained.

I did the total body workout from the app 7, then did the day 7 workout from the app “Six pacs in 30 days”. But by the time I finished with these two I was already sweating a lot. Then I used the app “home workout”, after a long long time. I got exhausted but it was time to shock my body.

So for that I did weight Trainings today. Intensive chest and biceps training from the app “dumbbells workout”. Here I did just 3 sets of each exercise. But the interesting thing is only 30 seconds break between each exercise and 1 min break between each set. Each set had 6 exercises lasting for 30 seconds each. My arms are still paining from this and it is surprising for me considering I was only lifting 5 kilos.

PS – For those who want more pics of my diet or my running routines, please check out the previous logs in September.


I had some custom kuskus but very small quantity before I left. I went out and had beer but I made sure I took it in small quantity (around 300ml). And for my dinner I had a fitness burger. This burger has no cheese and the bread is with high wheat content. I had carbs tonight and that is a bit regrettable but since I have just started the journey now, I think I will take baby steps. Instead of completely cutting off the lifestyle I had, which is quite difficult to be honest. Overall I’m pretty sure I lost calories today much more than I gained. And that’s the secret to weight loss. Looking forward to day 8, which is today.  I will try to post it today before I sleep.