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The life has to move on

It’s been so long since I wrote anything on this blog. I was quite busy with few things. Including searching for an apartment and with my job.

My life is currently at a very critical phase. I feel that it has become stagnant. Funnily I did meet a girl after a long time whom I thought I liked but my thought process and my approach surprised me.

In this blog post I will update what happened in the last few weeks. The last time I wrote, it was about me meeting a girl that kinda intrigued me. So here is what happened. I was searching for a new apartment and this girl and I had appointment at the same time. We met along with others but had time to talk and we both seemed quite connected. But me being a bit skeptic now after my breakup kept my distance and had no plans to make any approach towards her. To my surprise she told me that she wants to share the house with me, since finding an apartment in frankfurt is quite difficult. I was surprised but since I was interested I accepted it. Then she took my number after I told her I had no Facebook nor Instagram. I never made any attempt to be in contact. She did. She told me she wants to meet me for beer outside and if I like Guinness beer. I said yes. Every move she made felt like she was quite interested in me. Anyway after we left, I sent her a text after few days if she wanna meet up. She said she’s busy. This happened 2 times and then I stopped texting her. I deleted her number. I’m tired of BS in my life I guess. But yes this “I don’t give a shit” attitude feels amazing. First time in my life, my priority is me and my family.

Moving on. My job seems a bit stagnant now. I was an amazing developer and now I’m put into a field which I’m not really into. So I decided to take a big and bold step and change my job. I have applied to a few and fingers crossed that I get something.

I was traveling again in Croatia for 10 days and then I went to Pilsen. This happened in end of September and first week of December. Now that December breaks are here, I’m now in Spain. The beautiful city of Seville. First day so could not take much photos except this beautiful orange tree that is part of this big street. Funny nobody just picks it up and eats it.

I will try to Blog more often now that I have more time with me. Cheers to you and your love for yourself.