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50 day challenge (Introvert Edition)

Well, my life before few months was perfect. Lots of things happening, good things, physically mentally and professionally. And if you might have read my recent posts, you might have understood that I have reached the self-destructive mode. What is a self-destructive mode? In life this is the phase, when you are quite often bored. Your life has become monotonous. The same repetitive cycle of just working/studying, watching something on TV/Internet and sleeping. When I say self-destructive mode, I mean, you have no motivation, no ambition, no schedule nor plans. You have given up everything to time and just going along with the flow. Some might say that maybe it is better to just let things figure out themselves. But I disagree. If I had done things this way, I would have been still living in my home country in poverty (or maybe not) with a mediocre job and life.

Maybe you are wondering. What does this dude actually mean? What self-destructive mode? Is it some kind of Pokemon move? To clarify more, let me ask you some questions:

  • What is your hobby and when was the last time you worked on it?
  • When was the last time you tried a new stuff in life (wall climbing, learning a new language, travelling solo somewhere)?
  • When was the last time you decided something spontaneous in life, maybe just after a lecture or work?

These are just some examples. The point is, when you look back at yourself one year ago, you should have become a better human. But if you see no change or much worse that you have taken the wrong lane and have become much inferior to how you were, then something is really wrong with your life.

Yesterday I was bored at night watching mice/rat catching trap design on Youtube. It is quite funny now I think about it but sad as well. Because I had nothing else to do. Life has come to such stagnation. So I have decided to take a 50 day challenge. This is designed for me (I did not look it up on internet or anything) and also the plan is by me.

So what is the 50 day challenge?

Take up a hobby which you hate

It can be anything. Painting, skiing, skateboarding. Something which you are afraid to try or which you were fascinated about but never did it. I hate running. Never liked it. But since I have also gained weight, this is perfect for me. I have installed Zomibesrun now. So, I will keep you posted every two weeks regarding my progress. My aim is to run at the end of this challenge for around 5-6km straight. Which is a very big deal for me.


Take up a hobby which you used to do but has been a long time since you did it

I used to read a lot of books. The last time I read a book was before one year. So it is time for me to choose a book of my liking and finish it in 50 days. I have read every Dann Brown novel (except Origin which I left in between due to bad phase in my life), every harry potter books and some random books (lord of the rings, map of bones, three mistakes of my life etc). So I wanted to try something new. I have decided to start the book which seems to be quite good. “Before I got to sleep” by S.J. Watson.

Start doing something which will Improve my Career

It can be learning a new skill or new programming language or even a language which the company needs or the job prefers. It is just an example. I have decided to learn German again. It’s been long since I learned it, almost 8 months and it is time to improve it and make it better for better work and life.

Start doing something which I have never done or started but never really did

I bought a guitar and wanted to learn it but rarely learned anything on it. On the contrary I broke it. I will fix it and start learning some basics. At the end of 50 days, I should be able to at least feel comfortable and know some basic chords and string names and numbers (which is a good challenge for now).


It may seem that I am choosing easy and simple things. But even if I do it, then they make me a better individual both physically and mentally. Which is the whole point. And right now I am not doing them. So it makes it a challenge. At the end of the 50 days, approximately end of September my skills and me as a person should be better.

And I will post about it, end of September. There are four task and it seems like a lot but the aim is to mix things up and shuffle them. The point is not to do it 7 times or even 5 times a week.

Another important point is, these tasks are all introverted. Means, I can do all of these alone without any help from anybody. I don’t need to interact with anyone nor I need to join a group or depend on someone to do it. The next 50 day challenge in future will be extroverted. So that will be quite interesting starting October.

So what will be your three choices if you could start the challenge? Comment below and let the challenge and new ANSATZ begin.

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