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But is it worth it (Part 1)

So, I was talking to an Indian woman who contacted me regarding education abroad and which country is better or best for masters and higher studies. At first it seemed like a normal conversation and she looked like someone who just wants to study abroad, experience it and live the western dream. Coming from India which is still a developing country with lots of issues in infrastructure, politics and life in general in terms of work, many students aspire to go abroad and start a new life, studying and working here. But as the conversation went on with this woman, I realised something. She was focussing mainly on settling and living abroad and getting the PR/citizenship. This intrigued me to understand why? Why someone wants to settle abroad so badly when they are living in India which according to me is not a bad country to live.

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My Thoughts On World Cup 2018

So yes world cup is here (and yes I am talking about FOOTBALL/SOCCER for Americans) and it is almost going to end. I have never been a big football fan. On the contrary I am a sleeping Giant who wakes up every 4 years to watch the world cup/European Championships and then goes to sleep waiting for the next cycle. I don’t know much about football besides the big names, the clubs and who won, who lost. But I am a crazy big fan of world cup when players are actually playing for their country. Is it the greatest game in the world for me? Absolutely not. People can cheat and get away with it. There is not much sportsmanship to see nowadays. It is all about winning. This world cup proved that again and again. Neymar, Pepe, etc and even Mbappe dived whenever they had the chance to just get their country over the line. So for me it’s not a gentleman’s game. Tennis for me is the game which is actually amazing to watch and is a played in true spirit. But nevertheless I love football in its own way. And this world cup has only increased my love for this sport.

You might be thinking why I am talking about football and sports in a blog which is about love and breakup. First because I can and second because right now football gives me amazing feelings of joy and happiness and disappointments and sorrow and that is part of me more than me breaking up with a crazy woman.

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Not a bad thing

No I am not going to talk about Justin Timberlake’s song here. I am here to address the big Indian elephant in the room – “Arranged Marriage”. The thought of arranged marriage seems weird to most of the western people.

When arranged marriage is brought up, they think about two set of parents, talking and deciding that their kids will get married in the near future. Well they are not wrong. At least not completely. Arranged marriage has gone through some major transition in India. And here is why I think the modern Indian arranged marriage might turn out to be very good after all.

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Family and True Relationships

Well it has been a long time since I posted something in this blog. Not that anybody missed me, but I myself missed writing my feelings and updating my diary. The last few weeks has been quite a roller-coaster full of emotions and thoughts. I was on a trip to India, my homeland (maybe this is the first time I mentioned this on my blog). And after I am back I had lots of thought regarding what true relationships really mean. I will keep it short.

The moment I landed at Bangalore International Airport, I had mixed emotions. I was happy that finally I was at home. Because honestly even though Germany is my second home, I have nobody here. I have “friends” and one of my best friend is/was my roommate. But his selfish attitude, lies and love for money and the misery coming along with it and those “I will do things for you because you did it for me” thinking made me realise it is enough for me to let go of this and rather be alone or make some new friends.

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Time to let it go

Going through a breakup can never be easy. Particularly if you were sincere, honest and loved your partner more than anything in this world. Sometimes, you are not even in a relationship with a person but you just like and care about them. But they don’t give a shit about you. They have other priorities and you are just an option. It sucks. I know this more than anybody. I know how that desire kills from within. The feeling to want to see your partner immediately, hug them, kiss them, and tell them that you want them back. To show your love and appreciation to them. But is it worth it? Are they worth it? This post is about ways to conquer your mind, when these kinds of yearnings and thoughts comes to you. I am with you. You are not alone.

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My breakup – For the greater Good (Part 2)

In one of my previous posts, I talked about what I realized about life, love, relationships when the breakup happened. Most of the people going through a breakup think that, they wasted time and energy in a relationship which was never right. But little do they know that they have grown as a human and as a person when they are recovering from it. In this post I will talk about other things which I rather learned but about myself.

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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Lots of things have happened. I still have panic attacks and today I saw her photo in Google hangout and she had changed it to a new photo which she might have taken before going out. I had headache and anxiety seeing it. Here I was, going through depression and therapy and not able to interact and go out and have fun. And here she is, the little, only child princess, already moving on (or maybe it is just a facade) and starting a new life. It hit me like an ice berg and I felt more upset and started repenting on why the heck I even saw it.

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A Surprise Email

Well, I knew it would have happened one day. But did not expect it to be so early. After not talking for almost two weeks my ex sent me an email telling me that what she did was not right and how she behaved was something really degrading as a person. The email said that, it was not right for her to tell those things to me and she is feeling guilty. Well, I love her and the first thought in my head was that I won’t reply to her anything. She has only hurt me and hurt me enough and it is time that I start living my life and don’t have conversations with someone who took me for granted. But then I could not stop myself (the heart wants what it wants huh?) and told her that :

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The Voyage through Abyss- My First 4 weeks

I have come to terms with the fact that I don’t want her anymore and it is better to accept this and move on with my life. This happened before 4 weeks, and then onwards everyday seems like a day which I just want to end in a hurry. I used to get up every day, first attend to her texts and reply them and start my day. The night was precisely the same. My world revolved around hers and my day and night started and ended with talking and thinking about her. There was one particular photo of hers (it is now etched in my mind) which I used to look at every now and then, when I woke up. It made me happy but at the same time I felt like I have someone to love and protect in my life now. I have a responsibility for this human, and I will make sure she gets what she wants when she is with me and will make sure she remains happy no matter what. Then I used to go to work and wait for her to get up and send me the photo of her face waking up. It was the most beautiful thing ever and made me smile and feel emotional. I used to work, talk to her and later Skype with her, watch movies with her, make love with her on Skype, share things with her which I used to never share with anybody else and get to know about her life and motivate her to do and achieve great things. I used to sleep late, get up late, go to work late but I was very happy and never complained. The time difference between Germany and South America sucked but I never thought about it.

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An Ode to Absconding – My Experiences in Life

When someone wants to leave or run away from a relationship, they come up with different ways to do it. The fault might be theirs but instead of being direct and honest they will try different ways to make us understand why this relationship is over. My ex came up first with a wide range of excuses but when I was not ready to separate and give up, then finally she used the best possible way to feel less guilty and feel comfortable going ahead with this breakup (I won’t be dwelling into what/how it happened). But in this post I want to talk about the different ways men/women have triggered the breakup in my life including my own.

In my life I have seen 5 (maybe there are more?) different personalities and the ways/arguments they start the breakup process( even though the real reason might even be that they are cheating or found someone better etc):

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