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My Breakup Song

This blog was started by me when my breakup happened. The whole scenario, even though not in detail was part of my first blog post.

I Broke Up and I Feel Like I Am Dead

Time has been quite slow for me, but still it has been 6 months and counting and I still feel like I am living in a dream. But the good news is I am getting better and so will you because time is a beautiful witch. It gives, and it takes something at the same time.

As a tribute to my life story and the past one year, I have written a breakup song. This song is just a very short summary of what happened in the last one year. The title is “The Wanton Wind”. Since every writer or poet has a pen name, I have decided to adopt mine as Mark Nauru. Why this particular name. It is a secret. Maybe you can guess. Or maybe I will tell you one day. Here is how the poem goes.

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The life has to move on

It’s been so long since I wrote anything on this blog. I was quite busy with few things. Including searching for an apartment and with my job.

My life is currently at a very critical phase. I feel that it has become stagnant. Funnily I did meet a girl after a long time whom I thought I liked but my thought process and my approach surprised me.

In this blog post I will update what happened in the last few weeks. The last time I wrote, it was about me meeting a girl that kinda intrigued me. So here is what happened. I was searching for a new apartment and this girl and I had appointment at the same time. We met along with others but had time to talk and we both seemed quite connected. But me being a bit skeptic now after my breakup kept my distance and had no plans to make any approach towards her. To my surprise she told me that she wants to share the house with me, since finding an apartment in frankfurt is quite difficult. I was surprised but since I was interested I accepted it. Then she took my number after I told her I had no Facebook nor Instagram. I never made any attempt to be in contact. She did. She told me she wants to meet me for beer outside and if I like Guinness beer. I said yes. Every move she made felt like she was quite interested in me. Anyway after we left, I sent her a text after few days if she wanna meet up. She said she’s busy. This happened 2 times and then I stopped texting her. I deleted her number. I’m tired of BS in my life I guess. But yes this “I don’t give a shit” attitude feels amazing. First time in my life, my priority is me and my family.

Moving on. My job seems a bit stagnant now. I was an amazing developer and now I’m put into a field which I’m not really into. So I decided to take a big and bold step and change my job. I have applied to a few and fingers crossed that I get something.

I was traveling again in Croatia for 10 days and then I went to Pilsen. This happened in end of September and first week of December. Now that December breaks are here, I’m now in Spain. The beautiful city of Seville. First day so could not take much photos except this beautiful orange tree that is part of this big street. Funny nobody just picks it up and eats it.

I will try to Blog more often now that I have more time with me. Cheers to you and your love for yourself.

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Met a girl

I met a girl. After almost 10 months of my breakup. Dunno but there was something sparkling about her. She’s half German and half Italian and somehow I met her, while searching for an apartment, and found her.

I have met a lot of woman during these months, never got physically engaged with them obviously, but not because they weren’t good looking. But because I wasn’t ready. I still don’t think I’m. But somehow meeting this girl, made my change my mind.

I wanted to live alone and find solace. But this girl sparked in me the life, which was drained out of me this year. I got over my ex but it didn’t mean I was ready for the next one.

We have exchanged numbers. Let’s see how it goes!! I have no expectations. But this incident shows me I haven’t given up!!

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Hohenzollern Castle Stuttgart (Lost Frequency Edition)

I was on a vacation during the last week and thus could not blog neither workout. But, that gives us another topic to blog about in my travel logs known as Lost Frequency. I spent 4 days there and my plan was to spend not my entire time in Stuttgart considering I have already been there twice.

I specifically wanted to visit Hohenzollern castle which is around 2 hours from Stuttgart with a train. This is how the whole trip turned out to be:

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Workout Log Sep 11

I must say I am surprised with my commitment. Believe me, this year I am probably the laziest person in the world. Lot of the credit must be given to the depression I had. Maybe even now I am not completely happy like I used to be. But overall I became the laziest animal in this entire planet this year. But nevertheless my motivation has never been higher in terms of working out. I got up and had no doubts in my mind today that I won’t work out. No thoughts that let’s take a rest today. For breakfast I had cereal (Müsli) with milk. I guess it is not that healthy and had chocolate and nuts. But a bit of fat and carbs in the morning is good. For lunch I had a salad and since I have already showed once how it looks, I will try to post the pic only every now and then. I worked late today and came back home around 20:00, but took only a min to put on my running gear and started my workout. Here is what I did.

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Workout Log Sep 10

Yesterday I could not workout. I really wanted to, but ended up feeling too lazy and feeling too much pain in my body. I guess every now and then, a rest day is essential for body heal. But today after a day of gap, I continued now in my journey towards weight loss. I had a bananna for breakfast, followed it up with a bread cheese and jogurt. I had all of these for breakfast. Thus, a heavy breakfast. I had no lunch today but I did had a banana around 16:00, three hours before my workout. By the time I wanted to workout, my stomach was already growling. Thus, it has made me realise that it is better to have many small meals than few big ones. Here is what I did today

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My Dream Partner

I was talking to my parents yesterday and they started telling me that in few years in need to get married. My parents actually want me to marry soon. But I am not interested. Actually, right now women don’t attract me. At least not sexually. Ironic considering, I still watch porn sometimes. I feel gay even though I am pretty sure I am straight as a rod. I blamed breakup for many things. My weight gain, my depression and making me lifeless. But I would agree that the one thing this breakup has left me with, is feel uninterested in women. It is not even a choice. But it is like an order, my body has taken from this experience, to not look at women or admire their beauty or get attracted to them.

Which brings me to my blog post, what kind of women attract me or used to attract me in this case. I never had an ideal partner in my mind. But now I want to put together an imaginary woman who I would love to be with based on what I think and feel I like and is necessary for me. Let’s see how it turns out. These are the qualities I think is important in a relationship for me with no specific order.

Let’s start with

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Workout log Sep 8

I created this draft yesterday when I was on the train, going to watch the movie “THE NUN”. I love horror movies. But before that I wanted to create a draft about my workout today. I will keep it short since I don’t have much time.


Yesterday I had again a brunch. Rice but not much with lots of vegetables cooked together in a pan. I also had some pineapple. Since it was the weekend I decided to cook myself and something healthy. They looked something like this :


I didn’t workout a lot yesterday. I didn’t run because I had to get ready to go to the bar and then watch the movie later at night. But still I worked out enough. And even little efforts everyday matters. Only need to make sure that consistency is maintained.

I did the total body workout from the app 7, then did the day 7 workout from the app “Six pacs in 30 days”. But by the time I finished with these two I was already sweating a lot. Then I used the app “home workout”, after a long long time. I got exhausted but it was time to shock my body.

So for that I did weight Trainings today. Intensive chest and biceps training from the app “dumbbells workout”. Here I did just 3 sets of each exercise. But the interesting thing is only 30 seconds break between each exercise and 1 min break between each set. Each set had 6 exercises lasting for 30 seconds each. My arms are still paining from this and it is surprising for me considering I was only lifting 5 kilos.

PS – For those who want more pics of my diet or my running routines, please check out the previous logs in September.


I had some custom kuskus but very small quantity before I left. I went out and had beer but I made sure I took it in small quantity (around 300ml). And for my dinner I had a fitness burger. This burger has no cheese and the bread is with high wheat content. I had carbs tonight and that is a bit regrettable but since I have just started the journey now, I think I will take baby steps. Instead of completely cutting off the lifestyle I had, which is quite difficult to be honest. Overall I’m pretty sure I lost calories today much more than I gained. And that’s the secret to weight loss. Looking forward to day 8, which is today.  I will try to post it today before I sleep.

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Workout Log Sep 7

I am posting a day later because I went out yesterday night and ended up drunk and could not post in time.

The day started very slowly for me. I got up really late around 9:30 and by the time I had my breakfast and ready to leave for work, it was around 10:30 am. Crazy I know. The culprit? Me sleeping very late around 03:00 in the morning. So, on the things I should be working on besides drinking 4L of water every day, sleeping early is one of the most important. Why? Your body needs to repair its teared-up muscles after workout and besides protein, sleep is essential in doing this job. Anyway, I had a heavy breakfast today.

I could have had a light breakfast and then have lunch again at work. But I decided to have a big bowl of rice and skip my lunch instead. The rice was plain boiled but had yogurt and some pesto mixed in it along with some beans. Pesto and rice is not good for the body. But it is better to have my carbs now and enough fuel to run through the day. Remember, no carbs at night is quite important here. I also thought I can also skip my lunch if I have a big bowl of rice. But I already felt like it was a bad idea throughout the day. So, no lunch. Instead I had a chocolate milk and had my share of the fat for the day. Here is how my workout went in the evening.

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Workout Log Sep 6

I know it’s been two days since I posted anything in my workout logs. On tuesday, my friend visited me and it was his birthday. There was no way I would have abandoned him and would workout. I bought him a cake and beers and we celebrated and I ended up munching on quite a lot. felt very guilty but then I should have a cheat day every week and decided to allocated this Tuesday, Sep 4 for cheat day. But the worst I fapped and that was the biggest regret I had.

But on the other hand, I am proud of what I have started. I have relapsed but I will try again and this time I will go without it for 10 days. Sep 5 2018 I got sick with headache and could not workout. So overall I had two days of rest but today finally I got better. I am back on track and today was my official Day 4 of workout. Here is how it went!

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