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Luxemburg – Lost Frequency Edition

It was my birthday before few weeks and I had the pleasure of visiting a city which was quite close to me (in terms of distance but still no city can beat Porto in terms of heart. Not yet). Luxembourg. I was quite reluctant to travel during my birthday. Because the last few years I have travelled every time my birthday was approaching to celebrate it outside of Germany. 2014 I was in Prague. 2015 July I was doing a solo trip which lasted for almost 4 months. 2016 I was in Warsaw. 2017 I was in Prague again since it was a spontaneous plan and I was again quite reluctant to leave Germany to celebrate. But Deja-vu and this year again despite my reluctance, my friend wanted me to leave Germany and celebrate it outside. Why? Because being in your city, you can just go out eat and party in a club you have been to many times. Not to mention the racism in Germany where colored men are sometimes not allowed to enter clubs unless if they are with women. So, he wanted to leave and travel so that the birthday is more interesting than being in Frankfurt and celebrating it. One day!! I will stay and celebrate it. I promise, my beautiful Frankfurt.

Day 1

I along with three other friends (one of which I will never meet again due to the conflict of interest situation) booked the tickets and took the train to Luxembourg. The Deutsche Bahn sometimes are not expensive and for 19 euros and 3 hours of travel through the beautiful wine fields of Hessen, it completely worth it. We reached Luxembourg in the evening and we went to the Youth hostel Luxembourg. Took a bus to the hostel’s nearest bus stop. My first impression of Luxembourg was nothing spectacular. On the contrary I was getting the French vibes, which I got in the city Lille in France. To back it up the bus driver we encountered spoke only French. Luckily, I speak some Portuguese and tried “quatro bilhetes” and to my surprise he understood it as well. I knew French has some words common words to Portuguese considering the Latin root but I was just joking to be honest trying out my Portuguese and laughing since he understood no German or English and it turns out in French it was something similar (“quatre billets”). Got the tickets, reached the bus stop and then we had to climb down a horrid terrain (felt like a mountain), to get to the hostel. Luckily the hostel was nice for 25 euros a night. Good rooms, toilets clean and fresh bedsheets and cushions.

We went out that night (it was already 19:30 by the time we refreshed in the hostel and left) and wanted to have some dinner and drinks. As we explored the city we realized that unlike many other cities in Europe, Luxembourg is a bit expensive. But for me still not the most expensive (that award goes to Paris and the cities I have visited in Switzerland). The beers are around 6 euros (except in the club Verso Sarl where you can find a Jupiler Beer for 3 euros but it tastes like shit so better shell out 3 euros more and get a better one). Eating out in a good restaurant is around 15-25 euros. But we had three nights and we decided to go to Pizza Hut, located on the Avenue Monterey street. This is like the major town hall center of Luxembourg with lots of restaurants, bars and museums located at the heart of this city. The food quality in Pizza Hut is usually not that bad and the portion is quite good as well, so overall, we were happy with the location and the place to eat. Also, here the pizza hut doesn’t look like a fast food chain but rather like a restaurant. The waitress will bring the menu, the tables chairs everything is decorated in restaurant style and you can sit outside and have your food. The food (I had Pasta) was not that expensive (around 10-15 euros). I also invited my friends and told them that if they order Sangria, I will pay for it (a drink I love yet had not sipped for almost a year). We ended up choking on Sangria and almost getting drunk. This Avenue also has a big center stage where some bands perform (Usually choir or Jazz music or some classical) and thus you can have your food while listening to some nice soothing music. From there we went to two different bars and I must say drinking outside and getting drunk here might get a bit expensive here. But there were lots of people outside especially considering it is summer and overall the atmosphere was good. I checked also some events online (Couchsurfing, meetups) but could not find any for the next one week or two. Then we went and checked out the lunar eclipse but overall it was not worth watching as we expected. One of my friend, had her legs paining and we left her in the hostel and decided to visit this place called Les Rives de Clausen. This is like the party neighborhood of Luxembourg.

We entered this place and it did not disappoint us. This felt like a village where people party hard the whole night. Lots of people, lots of bars and few clubs which were not extremely good but good enough to party and dance and if you get bored, you can always come out and switch to another. Most places had free entries and we were allowed in most places except one where the Bouncer seemed a bit racist and he pushed us outside without answering us anything. Besides that, everything was nice, and we actually enjoyed the night.

Day 2

Next day we checked out the Casemates du Bock, which were the bomb shelters used during the world war 2. Some pics from the outside and inside

Nothing spectacular but I can promise you that you will have a good Cardio here considering the amount of walking and climbing stairs you have to do, if you want to completely explore it. Yet a small warning that you won’t be astonished by something inside if that’s what you are expecting. We had our lunch after that in a restaurant called as Art Scene Bistro. The manager who also works as the Server here was really friendly and good and tried to translate for us everything from French to English.

The weird thing about French countries is no matter what, in most places it is hard to find an English menu. And this place is probably one of the “cheapest” you can find in Luxembourg for the food they serve in terms of quality and quantity. You can also visit Eglise Saint-Michel church nearby from here. Nothing extraordinary again, although these older churches with colored glasses have always fascinated me, and I peer at them with extraordinary interest and concentration as if I will finally find a big clue to Illuminati (I have grown up reading Dann Brown Books).

Next, we visited Musée national d’histoire et d’art Luxembourg. I copied it from google obviously but I must say, this place is worth visiting. Again, we got lucky and paid no entrance fees since the museum was going to close in 30 min. There are 4 upper floors and 4 lower floors (maybe I am incorrect, but this is as far as I remember so go at your own risk). The museum covers and depicts variety of topics including modern art, enchanting paintings from famous artists, some architectural stuff, ancient rocks etc). I am really bad at these things so don’t complain. I will just show you what I saw.

We went from there to our hostel just to relax. This hostel has lots of extra activities which you can do like table-tennis, snooker, some board games etc. We played table tennis for some time and looking at my friends being quite terrible at it, I decided to stop playing and take rest for some time and get ready for the night out. An advice would be to not wear shorts if you want to get into some better clubs at the Clausen area. So, this time I made sure that I had my jeans on. After almost two hours we got ready and then went out for dinner to Chi-Chi’s Mexican restaurant. This is next to the Pizza hut and the food looked quite delicious. We had our food and I had a strong drink to kick off the night. My friend had arranged for a surprise Cake for me to cut and my another friend also had bought a portable cake. I wished everyone to be happy and cut both of it, and it felt weird turning 26.

We went to THE TUBE from here since we heard it was quite famous and had few beers here. You can always find some Belgium and French beers here so that’s something to be happy about (Belgium beers are my favorite). In the two nights I spent in Luxembourg I realized one thing. Even though the city gives French vibes, the people here tend to be friendlier and more importantly seemed quite diverse. I could find British, Americans (including South Americans), Europeans (people from Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, Belgium, Germans) every now and then, and thus it seems Luxembourg is filled with international people. THE TUBE overall seemed like a nice place to visit, is crowded and the music is usually the top charts. Then we went back to Clausen, switched between few clubs (Verso Sarl is probably one of the better clubs here). We wanted to go to Melusina but unfortunately it was an “Over 30” party that night (some cougars staring at us, ready to pounce any second near the entrance), and we were not allowed. We also liked the Tilt Club which is one of the recommended club worth visiting here. We came back around 04:00 in the morning. You can take a night bus from the Clausen to reach the center (Don’t remember the bus number though).

Day 3

Next day we got up and I skipped the breakfast because honestly the breakfast at the youth hostel is not that great. You can skip it and have lunch directly in the afternoon considering you will have pale bread and cheese. We had our lunch and we took a city tour via hop-off, hop-on buses. Again, my advice, it is not worth it. The ticket costs only 16 euros, but there was nothing much to see here besides the things we already saw near the center. Fortunately, we went to the bus departure platform and asked for the ticket and you can only buy the ticket at the tourist information center or near the old town selling these tickets. So, the bus driver allowed us to enter for free and to take a ticket next time we hop-off. But we never got down since we saw nothing worth getting-off and checking it upfront.

We had our lunch at Quick fast food chain at the center, quite near from Pizza Hut. It might seem like we did not explore much for our food options but actually we did. We walked a lot around and explored most places and this city center, Ville Haute, was one of the best places to eat and drink considering it has loads of restaurants and options and is swarming with humans. Then we went back, took our bags (we left it at the hostel after checkout) and went to the train station. It was a short trip but overall quite fun and Luxembourg for me is worth visiting for a weekend.

Overall Rating

Here is my rating for this city. If you want to know what each rating stands for , checkout the page “Lost Frequency” where it is explained in detail.

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