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My Breakup Song

This blog was started by me when my breakup happened. The whole scenario, even though not in detail was part of my first blog post.

I Broke Up and I Feel Like I Am Dead

Time has been quite slow for me, but still it has been 6 months and counting and I still feel like I am living in a dream. But the good news is I am getting better and so will you because time is a beautiful witch. It gives, and it takes something at the same time.

As a tribute to my life story and the past one year, I have written a breakup song. This song is just a very short summary of what happened in the last one year. The title is “The Wanton Wind”. Since every writer or poet has a pen name, I have decided to adopt mine as Mark Nauru. Why this particular name. It is a secret. Maybe you can guess. Or maybe I will tell you one day. Here is how the poem goes.

The Wanton Wind

I still remember that day

When the wanton Winds began to blow

Felt it strong and led astray

Even now the time seems quite slow


This Story wasn’t quite simple

Until I realised it through pain

Has left me torn and like a cripple

Love is, was and for me will always be arcane


But I will try to tell you my story

I bet it sounds like every other tale

Maybe you will learn from this allegory

Even though I won’t cover every detail


So, I met her last year by mistake and by chance

There was nothing special, no sparks, no butterflies

But with time I fell for her and her trance

Promised between us pure trust and no lies


Everything felt perfect and I loved her like a freak

My world revolved around her and i didn’t even care

Never had I dreamt that our future will be bleak

The things I did and could do for her was very rare


Ofcourse, we had our fights and i would forgive her

No matter what she said, did or how hurt I felt

or Apologise if i did something and not let it recur

Cause every relationship has issues and it must be dealt


I decided that I will fly, travel around and go to Brazil

Visit her parents, her relatives and spend some time

Expected nothing and said I will entertain her bills

I know guys that this poem doesn’t really rhyme


I planned, thought, cared about nothing

Just booked the flights, hotels and spots for us

Told her and my parents that I ain’t bluffing

My parents got sad and all they did was cuss


My mum cried for hours and said she won’t accept

Said our relatives will kill us, leave and say bad things

Better marry a Tamil Brahmin and don’t break our precept

She will keep you happy with no attached strings


But I had madeup my mind and didn’t listen

Shouted “will only marry her, come what may!”

Flew to Brazil with my heart filled with frisson

I met her, went to Rio and every other bay


We were beaming, never had I felt more alive

Kept her happy and fulfilled her every wish

Went deep in, blind and knew can’t survive

Without her, I will become a dying fish


The day came when I had to return

I cried, she cried, they cried and it was hard

Knew only 6 months to wait yet had a yearn

Felt my body was stabbed with a million sword


Back in Germany things started to change

Said she won’t come, made her excuses

Realised suddenly I was dating someone strange

I guess she was done, after my uses


In the end we broke up and I was a zombie almost died

Deleted everything, even the book written in our memory

How can this happen, when i did everything and I tried

My life took a turn and an unexpected trajectory


6 months it’s been since the Wanton wind started

Has left me lifeless, like an incurable disease

I have entered a territory completely uncharted

Trying to escape but where are the keys?


Neverthless promise myself I will be fine and get better

Will take care of myself and become a happy soul

With this hope I will end this poem or call it a letter

This wind will stop, I will escape this prison on parole

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Started blogging about my life experience after my first heart wrenching breakup, my lessons, my efforts and steps to recover and finally how my life shapes up in the next few years!! This blog is more like a journal or writer's log (wlog).

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