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My Dream Partner

I was talking to my parents yesterday and they started telling me that in few years in need to get married. My parents actually want me to marry soon. But I am not interested. Actually, right now women don’t attract me. At least not sexually. Ironic considering, I still watch porn sometimes. I feel gay even though I am pretty sure I am straight as a rod. I blamed breakup for many things. My weight gain, my depression and making me lifeless. But I would agree that the one thing this breakup has left me with, is feel uninterested in women. It is not even a choice. But it is like an order, my body has taken from this experience, to not look at women or admire their beauty or get attracted to them.

Which brings me to my blog post, what kind of women attract me or used to attract me in this case. I never had an ideal partner in my mind. But now I want to put together an imaginary woman who I would love to be with based on what I think and feel I like and is necessary for me. Let’s see how it turns out. These are the qualities I think is important in a relationship for me with no specific order.

Let’s start with


For me this is important but comes not in the first three important things. I think physically I find only a very specific group of women very attractive. Let’s call them group A. And then there is a group which I find attractive but not as much as group A. This is group B. Group A usually has women who have really black hairs and have brown skin. But to be more specific, they are someone who can speak a language in an exotic way. Maybe Spanish or Portuguese. In other words, Latinas. But this is just an example and is not always the case. I like their accent. I like how feisty they are. So, if a girl has black hairs, brown skin and is feisty and expressive and full of emotions then I will get attracted to her.

That brings Indians as well here. Obviously, it is not enough but it is physically exotic for me. Group B is any women who is white or black, doesn’t matter, as long as they are expressive, full of emotions. It looks like I am doing racial profiling, but I am just saying what attracts me more and for me it is not the most important aspect. I have mentioned this in many post. Also, I don’t care about big buns or breasts or whatever. I never cared, and I never will. What matters is a beautiful smile and a face which reflects positivity and love.


In my last relationship I neglected this. But I won’t anymore. For me it is very important that a woman is smart and intelligent. Doesn’t mean she should have a degree in Engineering or Doctor or similar professions. Intelligence for me is not based on education. It is based on how you assess things and respond. Just knowing basic stuffs. Sometimes people say such dumb things that it turns me down. Lucky for my ex, that I ignored them with her because I was blind. I am talking here about what I like. Not that if my partner doesn’t have it, I will run away.

Which I will never! I never did. I am Sapiosexual and nothing is more attractive for me than a girl talking about galaxies or how internet works or history of world wars. Than a girl who talks about her nails or talks other useless topics and gossips. So, a woman who is intelligent would attract me more.


When a person is always focusing on problems instead of finding a solution. They will fail. That is what I think and feel. Every relationship has problems and a person should try to solve it, instead of being a coward and running away. A person who understands me for what I am and what and why I did anything is preferable. In short this covers compatibility and brings trust as well. Problem solving and calmness is essential for most relationship to work. This kind of woman is perfect for anybody.

In your life the one you marry becomes the most important person in the world. This is what I feel. So, a woman who feels the same way about me is the ideal one. Anything below this, and switching to other priorities and it becomes a NO-NO for me. Also they should make you a better person and bring the best out of you. I can do much better and maybe I do need someone to push me for this. There is usually a man or woman behind a successful person. That’s what I want. Instead of someone pulling me down.


If someone wants something they will do anything

That brings the conflict of interest. Feisty people and calmness don’t go along most of the time. Specially in Latinas. Comment below if you have a Latina friend who is calm.

Picturing this all together maybe she looks something like this:

This picture was drawn by user named RAICHIYO33 and uploaded at the website

Looks so cliche for an intelligent tanned black haired woman. Well, this is just a cartoon. Like a movie. This is not how real like works. And I am glad it doesn’t. Not every partner is perfect. But you should learn to compromise and sacrifice to make any relationship work. Comment below to describe how your dream partner should be and how they actually turned out to be.

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3 thoughts on “My Dream Partner

  1. those are great qualities!I am glad that you have found qualities you appreciate.I also wish to urge you that there must be great qualities of yourself too!Do find time to appreciate how far you have walked forward since this journey began.I love my Latina/hispanic friends for their passion to commit to a cause and the perseverance they have to follow through.I also appreciate their emotions.wish you the best for what is ahead!

    1. Thank you so much. I was on a holiday in Stuttgart so could not write much the last few days. Anyway, yes for me other qualities are more important. I even wrote a blog post regarding “will you be satisfied with a Lamborghini without engine”. That’s how I feel a person with only looks is. Yes I’m proud of first of all just escaping that hell and coming out alive. Never expected any person would affect me so much. I guess I still have a lot to learn about myself and still have a long way to go. Thank you for writing here. It’s been long since I read your blog post. I hope you are doing great. And your quest is coming out well in search of a partner. I also noticed that you have hidden your face just like I do 😊. When you get married you should send me your invitation along with a bridal Pic of you and your husband
      Haha I’m a curious person so yes. Take care and have an amazing Sunday.

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