Relationship and Love

I am not a relationship or love expert. So, if you are here for it, then leave. Why? Because I can tell you whatever I want but, in the end, you must decide for yourself. Whether you want to get your shit together, stop whining and move on and live a better life. Or just keep weeping about “loss” of someone who doesn’t even care if you exist or not. And I am not talking about just a person from romantic relationship. Maybe it is even a friend you have.

In this page I talk about my views related to relationship, love and life in general. What happened, what I went through but most importantly what I learned. Maybe I will find love once again. Until then life is a learning phase and we need to keep fighting for our happiness. Because in the end happiness is what that matters. Nothing else! Here are the following posts I have written related to this specific topic:

March 2018

  1. I broke up!! And I feel like I am Dead [07.03.2018]
  2. If Someone really wants Something they will “DO” Anything [08.03.2018]
  3. My Breakup – For the Greater Good (Part 1) [09.03.2018]
  4. An Ode to Absconding – My Experiences in Life [11.03.2018]
  5. The Voyage through Abyss- My First 4 weeks [12.03.2018]
  6. A Surprise Email [17.03.2018]
  7. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly [20.03.2018]
  8. My breakup – For the greater Good (Part 2) [28.03.2018]

April 2018

  1. Time to let it go [04.04.2018]

June 2018

  1. Family and True Relationships [12.05.2018]
  2. Not a bad thing [27.05.2018]

July 2018

  1. My Thoughts on World Cup 2018 [13.07.2018] Off Topic
  2. But is it worth it (Part 1) [23.07.2018]

August 2018

  1. The Enemy Within [08.08.2018]
  2. 50-day challenge (Introvert Edition) [13.08.2018]
  3. Would you be satisfied with a Lamborghini without Engine? [18.08.2018]
  4. 50-day Challenge (Introvert Edition) – 2 Week update [27.08.2018]
  5. My Breakup Song [29.08.2018] Highlighted Post

September 2018

1. My dream partner [09.09.2018]



  1. My Dream Partner (To be Released)