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Setting up a Home Gym

Now that I have my own apartment, my first big project/dream was to build a home gym. Even though my house is quite close to the centre and nearest gym is just 5 min by walk, I still wanted to have my own private gym in my new apartment for the one main reason

Flexibility: I wanted to be able to workout anytime I want, no matter how the weather is, how my mood is, what the time is, with no distractions or anything.

Now coming to my project, it sounds like I am going to be creating a legendary fancy gym with lots of shining equipment. But on the contrary it is quite a simple gym idea that I had. The reason being I can’t afford lots of proper gym equipment because they are quite expensive but more importantly they take huge amounts of space.

That’s why I decided to create a list of most vital things I need to create a gym environment which will help in the overall body workout. The list is as follows:

  1. Elliptical Trainer (Budget around 400-500 euros) – Elliptical trainer is much easier to maintain and creates much less noise than a treadmill. Not to mention the reduced space and much more calories burned in a given amount of time. I needed an elliptical trainer to warm up and burn calories, especially during winter when I know that I won’t be going out for runs.

      2. Bench – I needed a bench to do the weight lifts and use my dumbbells properly.              For simple exercises like arm lift and even to do bench press, I needed something to          sit onto.

      3. Dumbbells – I bought two dumbbell sets each weighing 5 kilos. For weight                    workouts. Weight workouts seems to burn fats faster than Cardio meanwhile also              retaining muscles which you might lose if you only do cardio exercises.

In experiences these three equipment are enough for a home workout regime. But to improve my motivation, I also bought a Yoga Mat and a Weighing Machine.

Things to keep in mind:

1)     Buy an adjustable weight dumbbell set which costs maybe a few more bucks but are worth in long term than a single weight dumbbells.

2)     Invest as much as possible on the elliptical. Don’t try to save money on it. Check the elliptical stride length and the weight of the rotating disc before buying. If the weight of the disc is too low, then it won’t be stable, and the workout might be too easy without the possibility of any adjustments. Also check the maximum admissible weight. I weigh around 100 so need at least 130 kg permissible load so that I don’t break it.

It takes time to build the elliptical machine after it is delivered. But once set, you can immediately start working out at home with all these equipment. I will write about the workout regimes with these equipment in another blog post once I start working out myself at home. So, keep looking for those blog posts.

Until then adios and take care of yourself , because you are precious not matter what!

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