Share your Story

Share your story is a page exclusively for people who want to post here some of their real life experiences related to relationship  breakups, problems they are facing or success story how they came out of it. It would inspire not just me but millions of people out there, who are going through tough patches. I have known several of them, who were in toxic relationship , broke up, went through lots of pain and suffering and came out of it. This gave me a lot of strength and kept my hopes high and motivated me to survive and work towards a better future. You can contact me first before you can want to send me your stories or experiences.

Also, this page will enlist some of the interviews I will be doing with some of the people I meet or have known , who are going through breakup or have gone through one or are part of an unhappy relationship. I will just explain the whole scenario as a Prologue, then there will be a set of personal questions asked and I hope this helps the others in a way or two.


  1. A Ruthless Companion – Interview 1
  2. Stuck in a Maze