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Workout log Sep 8

I created this draft yesterday when I was on the train, going to watch the movie “THE NUN”. I love horror movies. But before that I wanted to create a draft about my workout today. I will keep it short since I don’t have much time.


Yesterday I had again a brunch. Rice but not much with lots of vegetables cooked together in a pan. I also had some pineapple. Since it was the weekend I decided to cook myself and something healthy. They looked something like this :


I didn’t workout a lot yesterday. I didn’t run because I had to get ready to go to the bar and then watch the movie later at night. But still I worked out enough. And even little efforts everyday matters. Only need to make sure that consistency is maintained.

I did the total body workout from the app 7, then did the day 7 workout from the app “Six pacs in 30 days”. But by the time I finished with these two I was already sweating a lot. Then I used the app “home workout”, after a long long time. I got exhausted but it was time to shock my body.

So for that I did weight Trainings today. Intensive chest and biceps training from the app “dumbbells workout”. Here I did just 3 sets of each exercise. But the interesting thing is only 30 seconds break between each exercise and 1 min break between each set. Each set had 6 exercises lasting for 30 seconds each. My arms are still paining from this and it is surprising for me considering I was only lifting 5 kilos.

PS – For those who want more pics of my diet or my running routines, please check out the previous logs in September.


I had some custom kuskus but very small quantity before I left. I went out and had beer but I made sure I took it in small quantity (around 300ml). And for my dinner I had a fitness burger. This burger has no cheese and the bread is with high wheat content. I had carbs tonight and that is a bit regrettable but since I have just started the journey now, I think I will take baby steps. Instead of completely cutting off the lifestyle I had, which is quite difficult to be honest. Overall I’m pretty sure I lost calories today much more than I gained. And that’s the secret to weight loss. Looking forward to day 8, which is today.  I will try to post it today before I sleep.

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Workout Log Sep 2 2018

Today was day 2 of my workout.

I am posting a bit late considering today is Sep 3, but I was busy redesigning my website so that I have a separate page for workout logs.

I won’t go much in detail considering I don’t want to fill too much stuff in my post. But it was amazing that I was determined enough to continue.

I didn’t do a lot of sit ups and push-ups and lunges but today I did a lot of stuff for my stomach and my legs and butt. I used the same apps again which I used for day 1.

Overall I did the following :

  1. Full body workout using the App 7
  2. Apple butt workout using the App 7
  3. Day 2 Workouts from the app “Six Pacs in 30 days” consisting of some really good exercises like Russian Twist, Reverse crunches, Butt bridge etc.

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