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An Ode to Absconding – My Experiences in Life

When someone wants to leave or run away from a relationship, they come up with different ways to do it. The fault might be theirs but instead of being direct and honest they will try different ways to make us understand why this relationship is over. My ex came up first with a wide range of excuses but when I was not ready to separate and give up, then finally she used the best possible way to feel less guilty and feel comfortable going ahead with this breakup (I won’t be dwelling into what/how it happened). But in this post I want to talk about the different ways men/women have triggered the breakup in my life including my own.

In my life I have seen 5 (maybe there are more?) different personalities and the ways/arguments they start the breakup process( even though the real reason might even be that they are cheating or found someone better etc):

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If Someone really wants Something they will “DO” Anything

One of the best quotes I ever heard in the recent times. And this quote is also the answer to my previous post’s open discussion -> What made me finally give up and also accept the breakup.

I Broke Up and I feel like I am DEAD

In the last post I talked about how everything was in my relationship and I did not give up until at a certain point where my ex told me something which opened my eyes and made me realise what was actually going on. Surprisingly this quote came out of my ex and it was funny why she actually said it. But why she said it? She thought she was not special for me even after everything I was doing and was ready to do anything and that she was just another woman.

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I broke up!! And I feel like I am Dead.

Feb 25 2018. Worst day of my life. Why? You already know from the title. I broke up with someone whom I loved and cherished for the past many months. The pain and suffering I am going through is unbearable. I never loved someone the way I did with her and it feels like I am getting stabbed every day and every minute. And this pain exists and is excruciating because I never thought I will separate from her after all those promises and words we told each other to live together forever and die together(life huh).

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