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The Voyage through Abyss- My First 4 weeks

I have come to terms with the fact that I don’t want her anymore and it is better to accept this and move on with my life. This happened before 4 weeks, and then onwards everyday seems like a day which I just want to end in a hurry. I used to get up every day, first attend to her texts and reply them and start my day. The night was precisely the same. My world revolved around hers and my day and night started and ended with talking and thinking about her. There was one particular photo of hers (it is now etched in my mind) which I used to look at every now and then, when I woke up. It made me happy but at the same time I felt like I have someone to love and protect in my life now. I have a responsibility for this human, and I will make sure she gets what she wants when she is with me and will make sure she remains happy no matter what. Then I used to go to work and wait for her to get up and send me the photo of her face waking up. It was the most beautiful thing ever and made me smile and feel emotional. I used to work, talk to her and later Skype with her, watch movies with her, make love with her on Skype, share things with her which I used to never share with anybody else and get to know about her life and motivate her to do and achieve great things. I used to sleep late, get up late, go to work late but I was very happy and never complained. The time difference between Germany and South America sucked but I never thought about it.

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An Ode to Absconding – My Experiences in Life

When someone wants to leave or run away from a relationship, they come up with different ways to do it. The fault might be theirs but instead of being direct and honest they will try different ways to make us understand why this relationship is over. My ex came up first with a wide range of excuses but when I was not ready to separate and give up, then finally she used the best possible way to feel less guilty and feel comfortable going ahead with this breakup (I won’t be dwelling into what/how it happened). But in this post I want to talk about the different ways men/women have triggered the breakup in my life including my own.

In my life I have seen 5 (maybe there are more?) different personalities and the ways/arguments they start the breakup process( even though the real reason might even be that they are cheating or found someone better etc):

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My Breakup – For the Greater Good (Part 1)

After I broke up, it tore me apart. I felt like I lost everything. And I am not talking only about losing contact with a person whom I loved unconditionally and without expectations. I lost my dignity, self-respect, my peace, mental strength. I cried for weeks. And even after the official final separation and my final decision to give up, I cried more. It pushed me into therapy. My mind was filled with thoughts like “How could I waste so much of my emotions, time, energy, feelings and even money (the least important for me) on someone who never truly understood me and never truly loved me”. I thought the relationship was a big mistake and that I was so stupid to ever think that it will work after I put everything from my side to make it work. Relationship should be supported from both side. And I was seeing what was happening but still tried to support it singlehandedly and ignored and forgave her again and again. “How can someone do this and think this way and leave me when I am down when she was everything for me and I did everything”. Or so I thought.

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