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Would you be satisfied with a Lamborghini without Engine?

When I talk to people about what they would like to have in their life, the most of them might say, that they want to be rich, that they want to own a super-car like Lamborghini in their life. Something which they can show to others and live a rich lifestyle, and drive it around and be happy. Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche or something similar and but doesn’t matter exactly which one they would like to own. But if I ask them or let’s say if I even ask you whether the super car you own, is without an engine, would you be happy and satisfied with it?

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Not a bad thing

No I am not going to talk about Justin Timberlake’s song here. I am here to address the big Indian elephant in the room – “Arranged Marriage”. The thought of arranged marriage seems weird to most of the western people.

When arranged marriage is brought up, they think about two set of parents, talking and deciding that their kids will get married in the near future. Well they are not wrong. At least not completely. Arranged marriage has gone through some major transition in India. And here is why I think the modern Indian arranged marriage might turn out to be very good after all.

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Family and True Relationships

Well it has been a long time since I posted something in this blog. Not that anybody missed me, but I myself missed writing my feelings and updating my diary. The last few weeks has been quite a roller-coaster full of emotions and thoughts. I was on a trip to India, my homeland (maybe this is the first time I mentioned this on my blog). And after I am back I had lots of thought regarding what true relationships really mean. I will keep it short.

The moment I landed at Bangalore International Airport, I had mixed emotions. I was happy that finally I was at home. Because honestly even though Germany is my second home, I have nobody here. I have “friends” and one of my best friend is/was my roommate. But his selfish attitude, lies and love for money and the misery coming along with it and those “I will do things for you because you did it for me” thinking made me realise it is enough for me to let go of this and rather be alone or make some new friends.

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