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My Thoughts On World Cup 2018

So yes world cup is here (and yes I am talking about FOOTBALL/SOCCER for Americans) and it is almost going to end. I have never been a big football fan. On the contrary I am a sleeping Giant who wakes up every 4 years to watch the world cup/European Championships and then goes to sleep waiting for the next cycle. I don’t know much about football besides the big names, the clubs and who won, who lost. But I am a crazy big fan of world cup when players are actually playing for their country. Is it the greatest game in the world for me? Absolutely not. People can cheat and get away with it. There is not much sportsmanship to see nowadays. It is all about winning. This world cup proved that again and again. Neymar, Pepe, etc and even Mbappe dived whenever they had the chance to just get their country over the line. So for me it’s not a gentleman’s game. Tennis for me is the game which is actually amazing to watch and is a played in true spirit. But nevertheless I love football in its own way. And this world cup has only increased my love for this sport.

You might be thinking why I am talking about football and sports in a blog which is about love and breakup. First because I can and second because right now football gives me amazing feelings of joy and happiness and disappointments and sorrow and that is part of me more than me breaking up with a crazy woman.

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