Lost Frequency

I admit. I suffer from Wanderlust. I love travelling. Have travelled to many countries and places specially in Europe. But I never thought about writing it in a blog. Travelling is my passion. But now I have decided to share it. I will share the places I have visited specially in the quest of peace and solace after my breakup. My aim is get lost without anyone (even though you might find some people joining my trips in some posts) and just immerse myself with nature and stillness and tranquility. As I travel more and more, I will add my experiences and what it feels like to be in these sceneries, on this page.

You will find that in each of these experiences (the cities alone are given ratings), I give ratings (diamond hearts) based on different Indexes. I will explain those indexes here, what exactly they mean and how they are calculated:

  • Diversity – It defines the number of foreigners or people from different country and culture living and residing in a city. The more diverse the group of people are and the more multi-culturalism exists in the city, the more points it gets. Also, this includes the percentage of people you will find speaking in English. But that is only 15% of the calculation.
  • Things to do – This is calculated based on a 3 day trip. If you visit a city for three days, how many activities or things you can do in three days defines this index. The more activites or things to see, the better the score. This along with Nightlife/Events Index shows whether you should spend more days in a city or not.
  • N/A index – This is the ratio of Nature to Artificial architecture present in the city. The higher this index is, the more trees and mountains and rivers you can find a city surrounded by. This is interesting for those who want to get involved in recreational sports or want to spend more time in a city full of tall buildings and skyscrappers. Also if the index is less, then some might find it interesting since this usually shows the city is filled with big buildings and rich.
  • Döner Index/ Price Index – Aka Price index. Döner is a turkish fast food which is available almost everywhere in europe. It is just a simple Kebab burger, costs around 5-6 euros in average and one whole burger will mostly fill you up. Here in europe the cheaper it is in a city, the cheaper it is to eat and party. The expensive the doner is, the expensive to eat out and party. This is 95% true but in some cases not.
  • Nightlife/Events – This defines the amount of events and activites happening in the city. Some cities have lots of activities to join and is happening throughout the year (frankfurt is a good example). And some cities are just boring and devoid of activites. You can find most activities on Facebook, or websites like Meetup and Couchsurfing to name a few.
  • Overall – This is just an overall rating, usually the average but sometimes just a conscious feeling whether you can visit the city or maybe it is just not worth it. This rating also includes how the People are in that city. How open they are. How friendly. Sometimes it is rather subjective and depends on whom you meet but this includes the overall scenario. Sometimes people are uptight. Sometimes they are curious and want to know about you. So the overall rating will include this. Mostly for me , the residents and inhabitants of a place determine my likelihood to like that city or not.

I usually give these ratings to the big cities rather than villages or hiking places. But for these places there will be an individual ratings system added.

The Frequency of my Life got lost in the following places :

  1. Taunus, Hessen (Germany)
  2. Luxemburg
  3. HohenZollern Castle (Stuttgart, Germany)