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The Quest for Solace Begins at Taunus – Lost Frequency Edition

I was thinking to start something new in my life. I was bored, felt my life had become a bit monotonous after the breakup. All I did was get up, go to work, come back, and watch something on Youtube and then sleep. Of course I had started also dealing with stocks and that added some craziness in my life. But besides that I felt my life was not spontaneous and striking as before. I decided that on Sunday (8.04.2018) I will do something crazy and spontaneous that I did not do before. Which was to get up, take a train to the station of Kronberg and start walking without any plan or roadmap!

Honestly I won’t call it doing something crazy. I have travelled a lot solo before around Europe and been to various countries during this time. But for me, doing this was fairly crazy considering I wanted to get up really early morning and just do this without any plan or purpose. So I put an alarm and went to bed around 02:30 am. I still have difficulty sleeping and still have thoughts and dreams about her including one from today. I was quite sceptic. Sleeping so late, I did not expect myself to get up as early as 07:00 am on a normal Sunday, in a city I am living in. But I did get up. I brushed my teeth fast and ran towards the station since I did not feel like losing my timing and train.

I took a train to Kronberg (1) since in the Google Maps it was one the nearest stations from where I could walk. The train was almost empty. Germans prefer to relax on Sundays and stay at home until afternoons. Or that’s what I thought. After I reached the station, I just saw a park as I came out. It was looking quite greenish and positive and relaxing and I started walking through it. The sun had just started coming out and it was nice to feel it on the skin after a long time (Here not that easy during winter to get sunshine). While doing this I came across a beautiful lake. It was quite a stunning park and after I finished through it, there was a place at the end of street where it looked like the start of woods and a slight slope. I thought about nothing and started walking through it (2).

It kind of made me happy. What I had done until then and witnessing this beautiful lake and by then I was already feeling a bit tired. I am right now low in my fitness level. I was quite fit before but after the depression phase and the voyage through abyss, my fitness level stooped down quite low. I gained a lot of weight and also lost my muscles and power to lift weights. Nonetheless this was just the start and I was not going to stop and run back. From here I was walking towards Taunus (around 8 km). And by the time I reached the end I realised that the mountains are on the right side of my direction.  Consequently I started walking towards the right (3). Checked my map to find that the mountain was Altkönig. And finally, I found the trails and the markings and realised that this is an official trail and quite a lot of people do it. But I had started quite earlier and thus could not find other people. On the other hand it made me happy since I wanted to be left alone and just be in peace.

The birds chirping, the beautiful sound of insects and beetles made me feel quite relaxed. The walk towards Altkönig was quite draining.

The mountain path was quite slanting with lots of rocks and woods but at the same time beautiful and charming. I was feeling more tired and my legs had started giving me pains. But it was only 11:30 in the morning. And my aim was to be outside and watch the sunset at least until 19:00. It was a long way to go yet. Meanwhile I finally saw some people riding bikes and coming up as well. Took me almost 2 hours but I reached the top of the mountain. It was a surprise since I saw now more people there. These were the local inhabitants near the mountain region of Taunus. While at this peak, I saw another mountain nearby.

I asked some people nearby and they told me that, this mountain is the highest peak in the region of Hessen and is called as Großfeldberg. I decided to take a break and go there as well. I walked around a bit and found a very peaceful place with no humans and lots of sun. Sat there for a while thinking about the day with a clear refreshed mind and feeling all that sweat on my body.

Ate a bit of food I bought along and then started towards the next mountain. Unfortunately, could not take any shortcuts and took a trail which showed me the path towards Großfeldberg. Again tried to take a path away from the trail and lost humans and ended up in the woods again. But this time the idea was really bad considering the bad pathway and no sign of my whereabouts. Decided to move a bit towards the west considering this mountain lies on the left side of the Altkönig. After walking for a while, the path started slanting downwards. Reaching at the end, I found a track following which I saw a huge restaurant in the middle of nowhere. Surprised and bewildered, the name of this restaurant was Fuchstanz.

Found a huge group of Chinese people walking towards the Feldberg and started following them. After a while it got boring and thus changed my path. But funnily ended up meeting the Chinese again. Walking uphill now for the 4th time was quite challenging. I was quite sure I had walked around 18-20 kms by then. However finally I reached the top of this mountain and the view was just beautiful. The sun was shining on top now and there were just a lots and lots of people here. Unexpected but at the same time the time now was around 14:00.

As a final point, I reached this mountain and felt like taking some rest. I just lied down and felt almost asleep and tired. After almost an hour, I got up and saw another trail and I still had time and started walking towards Saalburg (4). It was around 8 km from Großfeldberg but I decided to do it to kill some time and wait for sunset.

It took me around 2 hours more and around 17:30 I reached it. There was nothing special about this place but the trail itself was quite exhausting. The one good thing was that nobody was walking on this trail as if nobody was interested in going there. But that made me feel better and happier. I was quite tired and it was getting cold even though it is April right now.

The only way to watch the sunset was by going back to Feldberg and by this time, I had lost my energy and motivation as well. I had done enough and my legs had given up. Finally I took a bus to Bad Homburg (5) and then a train back to Frankfurt (6).

The day overall was quite beautiful. I don’t know what I found during this trip. I thought sometimes about her as well and that made the whole purpose of the trip quite redundant. Nevertheless I found a beautiful scenery and my thirst of wanderlust increased again like it used to before. I was also quite surprised with myself that I did this whole trail which was quite long and exhausting. I felt the little adventurer inside me rise up again and shout out loud “Time is not money. Time is life”.

I will do these things quite often (in fact have planned one tomorrow) and hopefully I will start learning and leaning towards positive life more instead of despair. Life is beautiful only if we try to make it and shape it that way.

Take Care Healers!

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