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Workout Log 1 April 25

I’m starting again. From the scratch. I almost didn’t workout for 7 months and that’s sad but considering I was living in Airbnb and without my own house and then my travels in Spain Portugal and India caused this huge delay. Not to mention building furniture in my new house. Lots of Bs reason for many o guess. Nevertheless I’m back and I will continue again.

Since it’s my first day, this is log 1 again starting today. And again since it’s my first day I only tried running. I think I ran close to 4km in total, taking a break for 10-15 in between the two runs. Honestly I’m proud of myself that after a long time, I was able to continue to run from where I left off. Sadly I have gained weight in the past few months and thus need to be more intense to reach my goal of 88kgs by the end of this year. I’m weighing close to 105 kilos now (that’s 5kg increase in 7 months 🙁 ).

Weirdly Google map is showing I ran 4.7km but as expected the map itself is wrong. I know my new running path but Google map is showing it in a quite awkward way. One of the big reasons why I don’t like using Google Fit when I go for a quick run.

I came back just now and already started blogging while munching on my Müsli mixed with whey protein.

Like before, my focus will be on a proper protein rich diet which will heal my muscle tears. And even though I was able to run those 4kms, I already feel quite a bit of pain in my thighs and legs. So, this diet become more necessary.

Cheers to a new start and see you tomorrow 🙂

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