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Workout Log 2 may 3

I remember last time I mentioned that I will work out as much as possible and everyday possible. But after my workout on April 25, and April 26(didn’t Blog about it), I could not because my body went through such a pain that I had to take a break. Apparently suddenly working out heavily after a long time causes cramps and even my protein shake could not solve them.

Nevertheless here we are on day 2. I ran today close to 3.5 km in two sprints and even though I was surprised that I ran less than last week, it kinda makes sense

After the run, I decided today to do weight workouts. I bought a pair of new dumbells recently besides the dumbell I already had. These are adjustables and can weigh upto 15kilo each. So that covers my long term workout needs in case I ever become a muscular wrestler looking man who lifts 15 kilos worth of dumbells and never in his life ever stumbles. Haha jokes aside it was a great workout today.

The workout routine I followed was similar to the one I used to follow from the app from Corona labs. This is I think the best app for dumbell workout at home. It is simple and you can customize your workouts as well. I did today the workout for chest and biceps. Totally I did 5 sets, each exercise in a set lasting 30 seconds.

Finally I finished off my night with a protein protein shake. Honestly my diet was really bad the last few months when I left my workout plan and thus I only ended up gaining weight. But now I need to keep track of it again and make sure I don’t have carbs before going to sleep.

I’m pretty sure I will workout tomorrow. Are you with me?

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