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Workout Log 3 May 4

As I promised to myself that I try to workout as much as possible every week (5 times per week is the aim right now), I ran today earlier than my usual time. I usually run after 19:00 at night but did earlier today since I planned to visit a friend in the evening.

My diet unfortunately was really bad today since my neighbour gave me a big piece of cake from their birthday celebration and I had it as my dessert after my lunch and thus definitely have reduced the chances of burning any excess calories today. Diet is the most important part of reducing weight but you can’t sometimes avoid these situations.

Nevertheless I enjoyed the cake even though with guilt and also slightly happy that my parents were not there to preach me about African kids not getting enough food to survive and I’m lucky enough to get this cake.

Anyway, moving on to my workout. I won’t call it a workout today. I just ran close to 4.8km in two sprints. That’s all. Wanted to do weight exercises but right now I’m running short on time. I need to visit this friend and thus might do the weight training at night.

I need to mention that I’m quite astounded and unsatisfied by Google Fit app and it’s clear lack of accurate tracking l. Thus from next time either I might use runtastic or zombies run.

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