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Workout Log Sep 3 2018


Honestly when I got up today I was like “Today there is no way I can workout”. My body was aching. It was feeling the pain after two days of workout. Those sit-ups, lunges, planks, push-ups and few other exercises recommended to me by one of the dozen apps I am using, has teared up my body. I thought maybe it is time to rest today.

But then I decided against it. I knew that it is either this, or binge eating again maybe followed with fappening. I know one thing for sure. Even a little bit of workout keeps you away from jerking off and feeling like a loser. So, against my body’s will I got up and went to work thinking that I will workout today when I am back. Had a light breakfast consisting of one loaf of bread and some cooked spinach from last night.


At office I decided to have a salad again. Remember : getting fit is 90% diet, 10% consistent exercise. So a big plate of salad but I ended up cheating with some sweet dressing. I also had some bread again, this time bigger in size to get some carbs in my body to fuel rest of my body. I will try to take a pic of the salad I had tomorrow when I will have it again.

Evening (Workout Time)

Anyway coming back to evening routine. After work I had to go to supermarket so I decided I can’t go for running today.  Which is good as well considering I needed to rest a bit my tiring body. But I came back home around 20:10, and even though it was late and I was hungry I decided I just won’t give up on working out at home. Again, don’t forget all you need is half an hour a day. So I began

SET 1 –  The usual consisting of total body workout from App 7 (You can find the image in the day 1 log). But this time I also did “Inner Thighs” today consisting of Lateral Lunges, Inner Thigh Twists, Side leg Raises etc.

The important thing is that even if you do workout for 30 min, make sure that the intensity is high. Because the body has to feel that shock that you are ripping it off.

SET 2 – I did Six Pacs in 30 days app day 3 workout. I scheduled this next because for me it’s important to lose belly weight and in case I lose stamina and give up before I reach this, I wanted to finish it. Nevertheless, I did it and moved to my next training on another app.

SET 3 – I recently bought dumbbells to start home workout. So, I used this app called Dumbbells workout. I read that weight training is quite vital to losing fat and still maintaining weight. Which apparently you can’t with cardio considering you also lose muscles if you do too much running. Guys, if I am wrong correct me here. I am new to this shit. So, first I did exercises for biceps and triceps. Only one set. By this point I was already feeling tired and sweating like a freak. You can look at this shirt I was wearing. All sweaty. As you can see.

So I decided to use my bench. Sat down there but at the same time felt I might not have done enough. I ended up creating a custom dumbbells workout which engaged benches. So, I sat down and started doing dumbbell exercises where the user has to sit.


Took a warm shower to relax my body muscles. Time for dinner. Very hungry!!! I eat a lot. But diet is the main workout part and not the exercises you did. Workout for 2 hours but have a bad diet and all goes wrong. I had a protein shake like yesterday. But unlike yesterday I was feeling very hungry and I though I might end up munching on bread and cheese and some other shit. So, to end my craving I made a ranch filled carrot salad consisting of peanuts, some lettuce and instead of using a sweet dressing, I added some spicy chickpeas boiled and a little bit fried.


Maybe I should not fry them next time but it was only a little so I might get away with it. Overall no carbs at night so that my body doesn’t end up storing them.

My legs are tired. But , without running are good to go for tomorrow. Looking forward to day 4.

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