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Workout Log Sep 1 2018

This is the first post and thus will be a bit longer (but not as long as my other blog posts) since I would explain here why I did it and what I did.

So today was day 1 for my complete workout without any gym or equipment. I decided to workout at home. And then go for running. Apparently it seems , first doing exercises and then cardio/running is much more beneficial then the other way around. It pumps blood into your legs and warms up your body before you run. Anyway I did not do much research and my friend told me and thus I am following him blindly. Considering he goes to gym, I guess he know what he is doing.

Today I got up and had not much to eat (there was leftover pasta from yesterday night and I did not feel like eating it). I have two mouthfuls of those pasta  to get some CARB energy. And then I started working out.

1st Segment

There is an app called Seven. As the name suggest you need to workout for 7 min. I did a full body workout comprising of jumping jacks, push-ups, sit-ups, plank, lunges. Finished it around 8 min.

2nd Segment

I used a workout app called Six packs in 30 days (Yeah right!!). Ofcourse I won’t gain abs considering my stomach has accumulated enough fat. But then I open the app and there are three different categories. And it seems if you have a flat stomach, it is possible that you can follow a rigorous workout from this app, and get six packs. Anyway, I used the “Lose Stomach Fat” regime and finished the first day tasks as shown in images. I actually found it harder than I expected. Since, the workout duration is more with some exercises to be done twice.

3rd Segment

Finally I went for running. The last time I ran which was around 4 days ago, I could run 3.7 Km straight. But today I ran 1.7 km and got exhausted. Tried again and got exhausted. I was quite surprised. Then I realized there might be two reasons. Running on Empty Stomach. Running after doing other intensive exercise. I use Zombies run for running but I have Runkeeper connected to it for better stats. So I am attaching this image here.

Overall,  a good day to start this regime. Looking forward to day 2.


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