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Workout Log Sep 11

I must say I am surprised with my commitment. Believe me, this year I am probably the laziest person in the world. Lot of the credit must be given to the depression I had. Maybe even now I am not completely happy like I used to be. But overall I became the laziest animal in this entire planet this year. But nevertheless my motivation has never been higher in terms of working out. I got up and had no doubts in my mind today that I won’t work out. No thoughts that let’s take a rest today. For breakfast I had cereal (Müsli) with milk. I guess it is not that healthy and had chocolate and nuts. But a bit of fat and carbs in the morning is good. For lunch I had a salad and since I have already showed once how it looks, I will try to post the pic only every now and then. I worked late today and came back home around 20:00, but took only a min to put on my running gear and started my workout. Here is what I did.

Workout – Run

My aim today was to repeat the legendary feat I achieved last week. Run a 5k. I was surprised that I could do it. But yesterday I was able to run just 3.7k. Even though I expected now 5k should be easy for me now that I have done it. But nope. Even 4k seems like a challenge. So, today I was in a hope that my body might reiterate that feat and I would do 5k. But I fell short of it and ran around 4.57k. Doesn’t sound impressive anymore but I looked at the timing and I took 30 min to do it. 30 min! Before a month if you had asked me if I can run for 30 min straight, I would have laughed my butt off. But now it seems I can. Anybody can!


Total Time – 30 min (no break time)

Workout HOME

Came back home and just when I started doing push ups, I felt pain in my entire body. Specially my legs and thighs. I guess I was right. Working out first at home and then going for run is much better. I don’t get it though. Even though I do the same things only in different orders, why can I work out a lot and still run the same amount. But not run the same amount, but work out less. It is interesting. But tomorrow I will workout first at home and then go for running.

It was already very dark and the last 5 min I was running in darkness. It is time to get some night running gear. Running in the morning is not for me since I am a lazy goose as mentioned. I am not a morning person.

So I did the 7 app workout (check my previous posts for pic) but used the custom workout consisting of Lunges, Push-ups, Sit-ups, plank and jumping jacks. I had just finished one set and was already feeling very tired.

Reckoning Time

That’s when I saw this. A big puddle of sweat kept falling down. First because of my running and second within 5 seconds of my run, I did some workouts with small gaps. My body was paining and because of all that binge eating, I was suffering now. To create this puddle of sweat. It reminded me that I would never repeat it again. I will never go back to my lifestyle where I ate a lot just to forget about my breakup and stop being sad and stop crying.

This puddle , this pain, this suffering, which I am going through, it is good but should make me remember not to go though that path again. Pain is good. But this pain was unnecessary. I could have avoided it. But then maybe I could never have been this person. Who knows. Life is mysterious.

Anyway I went a bit off topic. This puddle motivated me a bit more and I got up and  used the app “Six pacs in 30 days” Day 9 training. Finished it but that was the end! Too tired and could not keep up with my motivation.

Total Time – Approx 25 min 

Total Time – approx 70 min.


Cooked today. Decided to make some boiled carrots and peas mixed with spiced up fried onions and capsicum dish (not french fries but onions fried a bit in a pan along with capsicum). I still should not be frying I guess. But hey I stopped carbs completely and no cheese or anything at night. Also removed the milk so now I have left nothing.

Protein powder with water sucks!! But boring is what I need to be right now to lose weight. Eating repetitive healthy things might be boring. But only this repetition and being a boring person will help. The vegetable mixture tasted not so bad and I am not a good cook. Overall a good day but I know I can do better. Let’s see what happens tomorrow on DAY 9.

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