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Workout Log Sep 10

Yesterday I could not workout. I really wanted to, but ended up feeling too lazy and feeling too much pain in my body. I guess every now and then, a rest day is essential for body heal. But today after a day of gap, I continued now in my journey towards weight loss. I had a bananna for breakfast, followed it up with a bread cheese and jogurt. I had all of these for breakfast. Thus, a heavy breakfast. I had no lunch today but I did had a banana around 16:00, three hours before my workout. By the time I wanted to workout, my stomach was already growling. Thus, it has made me realise that it is better to have many small meals than few big ones. Here is what I did today

Workout – Run

I decided to keep it simple today and focus more on running than on exercises. I ran twice, once for 3.67km and then again for 1.30km. Thus, totalling around 5kms. It was I guess yet another routine run. After my first 5k last week, I guess for me 4kms should have been easier. But that wasn’t the case. I struggled today, partly due to feeling a bit hungry and maybe because I was a bit sick the last two days with booze and headache. Overall I got very tired and could not do my workout as expected.

Total Time – Approx 38 min (including 5 min walk between the two runs)

Workout HOME

Like I mentioned the aim to have a light workout today. So, i did 1 set of lunges, pushups, situps,  plank and jumping jacks. I wanted to do more but felt very exhausted. Disappointed I went to take shower.

Total Time – Approx 5 min


I have decided to not have Whey protein anymore with milk. Even though it tastes better with milk, I end up having fat from the milk in my body at night before I go to sleep. Thus, I burn none of that fat. So I had it today with water. It tasted really bad but I hope it is better than with fat milk at night.

Overall not a good day. But every small battle is a victory right now. And I hope it pays off. Tomorrow I will change my routine to have more energy!!

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