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Workout log Sep 18

I know I’m positing after a long time (almost 7 days gap). But I was traveling for the last few days in Stuttgart and naturally could neither without nor Blog. You can check my blog post about Hohenzollern castle and Stuttgart here. Anyway I’m now back both in Frankfurt and to my workout routine and here is what I did.

This is the first time I’m blogging using my mobile so feels kind of weird.

I had no breakfast today since I was in a hurry to attend a meeting today. Got up late as well. I had a salad considering my heavy calories intake during my vacation. Came back quite late from work but the 7 day break was burning through me with heavy guilt. And considering I will have another vacation soon and this some for 10 days end of September I can’t miss any workouts until 28th September.

Evening Run

It was getting dark and I went out to run. Took my night running equipment with me and it worked like a charm. Could not run much and it surprises me that after running for more than 5km once how can I find it difficult to run even 3kms.

But anyway I ran once for 2.25 km and again for 2 km approximately. Overall not a bad start but I hope tomorrow I do twice 4km. Oddly my GPS was not working that great on my mobile and it might be because I have exhausted my high speed internet during my travel (That’s why I adjusted the total amount I ran in the first pic because I know how much distance 2 rounds of Solmpark from my home is). Maybe it’s time to get a smartwatch for my runs.

Home Workout

I need to really improve my stamina. I came back home and even though the Match between PSG vs Liverpool had started, I didn’t feel like making any excuses. I did custom workouts today to get back in the rhythm. That includes 3 sets each of jumping jacks, lunges, push-ups, planks and sit-ups. Fortunately I was worried that without much food I will be exhausted and won’t be able to workout. But I feel quite good and strong. First time I could do 45 push-ups on a single day. Overall, my running has suffered but my workout has got better. After this finally I had a protein drink. And no other food. My roommate has made pasta and as usual I will avoid carbs. And it is too late to cook anything.

Looking forward to tomorrow workout.


After writing this post and not even an hour passed but I had headache and I realized I can’t go to bed in empty stomach since I had no breakfast as well. So I decided to eat that pasta thus breaking the carb free nights during workout habit. Sucks but atleast the headache is gone.

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