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Workout Log Sep 2 2018

Today was day 2 of my workout.

I am posting a bit late considering today is Sep 3, but I was busy redesigning my website so that I have a separate page for workout logs.

I won’t go much in detail considering I don’t want to fill too much stuff in my post. But it was amazing that I was determined enough to continue.

I didn’t do a lot of sit ups and push-ups and lunges but today I did a lot of stuff for my stomach and my legs and butt. I used the same apps again which I used for day 1.

Overall I did the following :

  1. Full body workout using the App 7
  2. Apple butt workout using the App 7
  3. Day 2 Workouts from the app “Six Pacs in 30 days” consisting of some really good exercises like Russian Twist, Reverse crunches, Butt bridge etc.

After my home workout, I ran for 4 km which is my personal record (I’m kinda new to running).

I wanted to run 3/4km more but found some friends with whom I started talking and thus ended up walking back home.

I finished the day with a protein shake. I felt like flapping today but decided against it and I can’t feel more proud about myself.

I’m alone. I stopped talking to my friend who was my best friend until I realized he was just another bitch who is selfish and money minded and won’t actually care about you unless it you have a vagina.

So I stopped this friendship and it feels great. Overall a day of reckoning.

Looking forward to day 3. Maybe I will skip running for day 3 and focus on spending more time on home workouts.

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