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Workout Log Sep 6

I know it’s been two days since I posted anything in my workout logs. On tuesday, my friend visited me and it was his birthday. There was no way I would have abandoned him and would workout. I bought him a cake and beers and we celebrated and I ended up munching on quite a lot. felt very guilty but then I should have a cheat day every week and decided to allocated this Tuesday, Sep 4 for cheat day. But the worst I fapped and that was the biggest regret I had.

But on the other hand, I am proud of what I have started. I have relapsed but I will try again and this time I will go without it for 10 days. Sep 5 2018 I got sick with headache and could not workout. So overall I had two days of rest but today finally I got better. I am back on track and today was my official Day 4 of workout. Here is how it went!

Breakfast and Lunch

I had only a big banana today for breakfast and it felt great. I felt full and had my share of potassium for today. One mistake I am doing right now is not drinking enough water. Need to focus on it. I had around 2.5 to 3 L maybe today so overall better than what I usually drink, which usually is quite less. I have to target around 4 L everyday. On the other hand I had an amazing salad today. But ended up pouring too much dressing. Please comment below if you think it is very harmful to have too much of this dressing and any suggestions.


My plan was to workout heavily today and compensate for my two days of hibernation. I decided to run first. Because if I workout for 40 min and then start running then it gets late and I can run for maximum 1 time. I plan to run twice on the same day to make every outing count. So I ran around 3.82 km first and then again 3.86 kms, thus totally around 7.6 km approx. Which is quite good. Not to mention I also went to work today by walk which is around 2.7 km one way. That’s 5.5 km walk approximately for today.

My T shirt after that run was so wet that I had to change it before I wanted to workout at home. As you can see running took approximately, 47 min. Add 13 min more for resting before the second run. Totally an hour. And i ended up burning around 817 calories (according to runkeeper since it is synced to my zombies run app). Anyway at home then I did the “Six pacs in 30 days” Day 5 Workout. Apparently the Day 4 on this app was supposed to be for rest , which I did. And finally before I could start another exercise, my parents called me to tell me that my sister has given birth to a baby girl. I was happy and ended up spending 30 min to an hour talking to them. By the time I finished it was already time for Germany vs France Football match today. For my american friends, there is UEFA Nations league happening here starting today and it is quite exciting.


I ended up cheating not just on Sep 4, but on Sep 5. I had carbs at night before sleeping. It is a big No, No guys. Today I had protein shake again. I realized for my huge body it is not enough to have just protein shake. If I don’t fill my stomach smartly, I might end up cheating again. So I prepared a spinach-lentils food with some herbs and spices. Felt full and I drank water more than enough to feel satisfied. Right now I am feeling good overall, but I just wish I could have worked out more.

Moving on, it took me 1 hour 20 min to workout and burn enough calories. I can bet that even if I do the things which I did today, I can lose my 14kg target within 6 months. Of Course not everyday, but even 4-5 times a week.

Now I am off to watch “How to get away with murder”. The match between Germany and France ended in Draw. Looking forward to Day 5.

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