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Workout Log Sep 7

I am posting a day later because I went out yesterday night and ended up drunk and could not post in time.

The day started very slowly for me. I got up really late around 9:30 and by the time I had my breakfast and ready to leave for work, it was around 10:30 am. Crazy I know. The culprit? Me sleeping very late around 03:00 in the morning. So, on the things I should be working on besides drinking 4L of water every day, sleeping early is one of the most important. Why? Your body needs to repair its teared-up muscles after workout and besides protein, sleep is essential in doing this job. Anyway, I had a heavy breakfast today.

I could have had a light breakfast and then have lunch again at work. But I decided to have a big bowl of rice and skip my lunch instead. The rice was plain boiled but had yogurt and some pesto mixed in it along with some beans. Pesto and rice is not good for the body. But it is better to have my carbs now and enough fuel to run through the day. Remember, no carbs at night is quite important here. I also thought I can also skip my lunch if I have a big bowl of rice. But I already felt like it was a bad idea throughout the day. So, no lunch. Instead I had a chocolate milk and had my share of the fat for the day. Here is how my workout went in the evening.

Workout – Run (First 5k of my life)

I was feeling hungry and my stomach was burning but I was not going to give up. Like yesterday I had decided to run first before working out at home during weekdays. And on weekends I will try to switch it and workout first at home and then go for running. The reason is that it gets dark earlier now that winter is here and I am still not into running in the dark. But the winter here in Germany will force me to do it anyway in the future. It was cold today and thus I used my newly bought running suit.

Now the good news. I did it!!! First time in my life I ran for 5kms. 5.61kms to be precise. I have run in JP Morgan which is around 5.4 kms but guess what? I stopped 6 times. When I started back in Aug to run, I had started at 1.4kms. But today I am just proud of this feat and how far I have come. Feels great. But my legs are feeling quite sore today. Need to try out that oil I bought.

As you can see, my body as well as my arms are completely wet. Maybe I look fit to you guys in front view. But let me show you how my stomach is from the side view. It is huge. Not to mention the big deposits of fat in my chest and back now. I weigh around 100 Kilos guys and I need to reduce around 14/15 kilos.

Workout HOME

I followed it up by working out at home. Started with “Six pacs in 30 days”. Then after almost 3 days of gap I used the 7 app. This app is quite effective. But not because it has better exercises. But because there is only 10sec gap making it very intensive and fat burning. Today it was “PT’s Choice” program which had exercises like Arm haulers, Renegade Rows, Single Legged Deadlifts to name a few. I followed it up with “Dumbbells workout” app and did only single set of arms and shoulders exercise which lasted for around 8 min. Thus out of 7 days until yesterday, 5 days I have worked out. Kudos!!

Total Time – Approx 2 hours


Had a protein shake. I went out, had some whiskey and wine. Avoided beer but don’t know how much it helps. And then I had a Döner Kebab which is high in calories . It was not my intention but my friend bought it upon me. And I was so furious with him that I was surprised with myself.

I guess this fire inside me to reduce weight is burning heavily. I have become really strict with my diet. To be honest, it is rather getting difficult to control my diet. It is getting really hard to fight myself and my inner soul and give up. And just bring home some cakes, chips, chocolates and cookies and munch up on them. But then I remind myself how it feels to have this much extra weight in body.

Not able to wear the clothes I used to wear or feel good when I walk down the street. Or do activities which I could do before. So, I say “NO” to these beautiful delicious things. I am stronger than these and I can do this. Looking forward to Day 6, which in fact is today!!!

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